Allison lisi


From Italy. Currently based in Milan
For inquiries:

I grew up in the countryside surrounded by nature, from parents who were actors and grandparents who were painters. I first graduated in Biology and then studied Photography at the “CFP Bauer” and than specialize at “Academy of Fine Arts of Brera”. Photography accompanies me from the very beginning, used as a pathological exercise, and then reveals the emotional origins of my family members, staging private moments without filters. My work mainly focuses on existential questions that start from a personal point of view and then lead to the exploration of universal experiences. This approach is realized in my intimate project “NEVERLAND”, exhibited in galleries such as “Galerie Claude Samuel”; “La Maison de la Photographie” in Paris; “Cavallerizza Museum” in Turin, etc. I look for a balance between the spontaneous and the accidental, so with an authentic and not at all artificial approach I like to show glimpses of the world where I belong, in which often nothing is built. I try to transform ordinary cityscapes into illusions that straddle the line between familiarity and peculiarity. I currently live in Milan, where I work as a Freelance Photographer.